Punching Real Time Points in SharePoint

Hi Readers,

   I will be adding continuously all the  Real Time Technical Stuff    that you should know in SharePoint.

1) Sometimes working in the browser is just a pain. To work with your SharePoint lists (and libraries) offline, you can choose from using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or SharePoint Workspace 2010.

2) Although lists have columns and rows like a database table, they aren't database tables. In fact, the lists from your team site are stored in a single table (UserData table) in SharePoint's content database.

3) Site Columns: Single Line of Text, Multiple Lines of Test, Choice, Number, Currency, Data and Time, Look up,  Yes/No, Person or Group, Hyperlink or Picture, Calculated, External Data, Managed Meta data.

4) Now you can Validate Site Columns in SharePoint 2010.

5) Watch how to Add Folders inside MetaData and Hide Title Columns.

6) Always Use Views/Meta Data instead of Folders, as users need to drill down and navigate back up to look for the content

7) RSS feeds are a popular way for people to keep track of updates to a Web site without visiting that site.