SharePoint 2007 Publishing Site Defects

  • Whenever you use publishing start date and publishing end date site columns, you will get two options 1) you can select any date or 2) you can select immediate option. But whenever you select immediate option and want to pick that in the web part and wont show the time i.e. in the backend and you can't see the time that the user selected for immediate option.

  • Some of the publishing features doesn't work properly in internet explorer 6. For e.g. the pages gets locked and unable to edit the page.

  • If you create a new default page in a publishing site, change the welcome page to point to this site, delete the original default.aspx and then rename your page to default.aspx, when you try to deploy it will fail, stating that a file with the same name already exists. This is due to the underlying GUID of the page being changed.

  • If you have created and configured a staging site to use your own master pages, when you first deploy to a blank site collection, The Master page settings and alternate CSS URL settings are not applied. The BlueTabs Master becomes the default.

  • SharePoint Designer often gets confused, thinking that you have items checked out when you haven't. Often you have to delete the file and recreate it to get around the problem.

  • When in daylight savings mode, you need to set the time 1 hour earlier in both the staging environment and the destination server in order for deployment to work properly.

  • If News articles are displayed on the home page with an RSS subscription link, clicking on it effectively subscribes you to everything on the portal site. As the default setting for lists in MOSS is RSS enable, people get items they never even asked for.