Enterprise Content Management SharePoint 2010 New Features

Document ID : This new feature generates a unique identifier for every document uploaded. With this feature, a document can be tracked even if it's moved.

Metadata: SharePoint utilizes metadata in organizing information with features such as tagging, ratings and keywords. A paradigm shift in traditional hierarchical file and folder structure.

Document Sets: Documents can now be grouped together in sets that can be worked with as one logical unit in SharePoint 2010. Content types can be created for a document set. This feature would be perfect for project environments where related project documents can be grouped as a set. It can also be downloaded as a single ZIP file.

Search: Search in SharePoint 2010 has been greatly enhanced and streamlined. Queryless search is available and can be very useful for rich media content like photos and videos.

Records Management: Records Management has greatly been improved and streamlined by allowing users to declare a document as a record. A schedule can be defined to transfer these declared records to the Record Center. Auditing metadata are such as expiration, author, hold, etc. are available.

Social Computing: Apart from effectively organizing information, SharePoint 2010 enables users to define social relationships and relevance of information with My Sites which allows them to see the tags of their posts, their jobs, what they are working on, posting messages and interacting with their colleagues.

Integrating External Platforms: SharePoint 2010 has various tools to bring various platforms together. SharePoint Designer, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), External lists can integrated as external data sources into SharePoint.

Ease of Use: Tight integration with Office 2010 allows content from an office document on the desktop to interact with SharePoint 2010 making it very efficient for users. Web publishing has been simplified with a rich and familiar authoring experience. It has reduced clicks to publish content and it truly empowers everyone to be a content author.