SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management New Features

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management New Features

Remote BLOB Storage (RBS):
  • Configured per Content DB
  • Better CAPEX for large scale deployments (>5 TB)
  • Better OPEX for fault tolerance, backup/restore and geo-replication
  • Requires SQL 2008 R2
Document IDs:
  •  Unique identifier across the company
  •  Fully pluggable - can plug your own web service to generate your IDs
  •  Can move files around and always locate a file with its document number
Content Type Syndication:

  • You can enable the Managed Metadata service and then publish a content type for syndication to other site collections or farms
Content Organizer:

  • Basically the record routing from the Records Center has been unleashed for any library. 
  • Allows you to specify rules so that when files enter the drop-off folder (or library), rules are applied to route the file(s) or Document Set into the correct location

  • Compound index support
  • Automatic index management
  • Query throttling with fallback
  • Scale targets: a million items per folder, tens of millions in a library, hundreds of millions in a large repository
  • FAST search is used to retrieve content
  • Performance much improved and few real limits. Indexes are generated
  • Nice Ribbon UI to aid management at the document and library scope