SQL Server & SharePoint Recommendations

SQL Server & SharePoint Recommendations:

* tempdb data and t-log files
* Db transaction log files
* Search db data files
* Content db data files

-> Place tempdb, Content db and t-logs on separate LUNs/drives if possible

-> Use multiple database files for Content and Search databases.

-> By following the above we can get significant performance changes.

-> Place SharePoint Search crawl and query processing tables on separate spindles.

-> Content databases are still limited to 100GB as a best practice.

-> They do have customers running close to 1TB of data.

-> Pre-allocate data file to cover anticipated size of Content db

-> Rely on SQL 'Autogrow' only as a catastrophic insurance policy

-> Set SQL 'Autogrow' to fixed value appropriate size of db

-> Configure tempdb to be at least 10% of total Content db size, or the size of the largest table - whichever is greater

-> Maintenance

* Monitor SQL Server performance regularly
* Check integrity of the db routinely