Import SpreadSheet will not get the Column Names

Whenever you do an import spreadsheet, the column names wont get copied to the sharepoint, instead they copied as column1, column2 etc., so need to edit and put the requried column name For Example:

If SpreadSheet contains

FirstName LastName
John Scott

After Import to the sharepoint site

Column1 Column2
John Scott

Edit each column and rename the respective column name.

Best way to find the Size of SharePoint WebSite

Most of the times people ask me what is the best way to know the size of the Sharepoint Web Site. so, I thought of writing a blog for them.

The best and easiest way to find the size of sharepoint website is through using sharepoint designer.


1. Open site from SharePoint designer right click on site name tree node, and select properties menu item
For Example:
2. It will show the size in byte.
3. Following is the link to converst this to Kilo byte, Mega byte, Giga byte or Tera byte.
4. Finally the website size is availble to you in any of the format.