Display PDF File in SharePoint

By using “Content Editor Web part” we can display PDF File in
SharePoint site.
  1. Add a “Content Editor Web part” to your SharePoint page.
  2. Click on the “Open the Tool Pane”, click on “Source Editor” to place the HTML source.
  3. Place the following piece of code in to the Source Editor and click ok
    src=”http://source/test.pdf” type=”application/pdf”>


SharePoint 2010 Ribbon scroll like a normal site!

Hi All,

    I got couple of emails regarding the scrolling issues with SharePoint 2010, One of them had issues with visitors unable to read the content which is available in the bottom of the page. so the best solution as follows:

  1. First thing you need to do is remove or change scroll=”no” to “yes” in the – this will make the page scroll conventionally.
  2. Next you need to remove or change the “s4-workspace” ID tag from line 293 (in v4.master).
  3. I usually just rename it to s4-workspaced so if you need to change it make, you can just remove the ‘d’
  4. Next you need to add some CSS either in a referenced custom stylesheet or directly in the masterpage. The CSS code is very simple it is - body {overflow:auto!important;}