IFrames support in SharePoint 2013

IFrames - SharePoint 2013 added an Out-of-Box Support for IFrames. Admins can now embed dynamic content from other sites, such as videos or maps to any SharePoint site by using IFrames in an HTML field. Admins would need to add the Domain for the external site in “HTML Field Security” first.

Document Library SYNC

Document Library SYNC - With the Introduction of new SYNC button, users can now have any Document Library SYNCed to their Local Including the SkyDrive PRO Library.Once the Library is SYNCed users can Open, Edit and Add Files and Folders to the SYNCed Library Folder that gets created on your Local. These additions can be Synced back to the Library either Everytime when you connect to SharePoint or On-Demand with “Sync now”.

Geolocation Field Type

SharePoint 2013 Introduces a new field type named Geolocation that can show Bing maps instead of location entered in list item. In a Column of type Geolocation, you can enter location Info as a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees or retrieve the coordinates of the user’s current location from the browser.

Digital Asset Content Types

In SharePoint 2013 MS has introduced a new set of content types called “Digital Asset Content Types” for better use of Audio, Video and Images as Web Content. These content types can be added to any library and be used as a one of the items\files.

SharePoint 2013 PDF supprt

1) Print to PDF - “Print to pdf” solves two purposes converting your Word doc to PDF and letting you Print the PDF right from the document library.

2) PDF Support - SharePoint 2013 now offers Out of box PDF Support.PDF icon is now natively supported and when a PDF is Opened SharePoint will try to open

3) PDF file in the Adobe Reader and prompt user to either checkout & open or open the file in PDF directly.