Setting default Time to Date

You can set default date to current date, but not time using date time field. Here is the trick to get default time.

Create a column of type Data and Time and select Date and Time under Format, select Calculated value radio button and enter the following:
=Today+"01:30 PM".

  The above will set the default time to default current date.

SiteCollection & User Profile Date format Change

Date format can be changed for entire site collection or it can be changed for a user profile.
Site date format can be changed from Site Settings:
From "Site Settings">"Modify All Site Settings"
Click on Regional Settings under Site Administration
Change the time zone.

To change date format for a user profile
Click on "My Settings"
Click on My Regional Settings" and change the time zone.


Blocked File Extensions in SharePoint

The following article contains a list of file extensions that are blocked by SharePoint by default. Allowing these files to be uploaded to your SharePoint site can create a security risk for your SharePoint site as well as the SharePoint server.
 Extension          Description
 .ade            Microsoft Access project extension
.adp             Microsoft Access project .app Application file
.asa              ASP declarations file
.ashx            ASP.NET Web handler file
.asmx           ASP.NET Web Services source file
 .asp             Active Server Pages
.bas              Microsoft Visual Basic class module
.bat              Batch file
.cdx             Compound index
.cer              Certificate file
.chm            Compiled HTML Help file
 .class           Java class file
.cmd            Microsoft Windows NT command script
.com            Microsoft MS-DOS program
 .config                  Configuration file
 .cpl             Control Panel extension
.crt              Security certificate
.csh              Script file
.dll               Windows dynamic link library
 .exe            Program
.fxp              Microsoft Visual FoxPro compiled program
.hlp              Help file
.hta              HTML program
.htr              Script file
.htw             HTML document
.ida              Internet Information Services file
.idc              Internet database connector file
.idq              Internet data query file
.ins               Internet Naming Service
.isp              Internet Communication settings
.its               Internet Document Set file
 .jse             JScript Encoded script file
.ksh              Korn Shell script file
 .lnk             Shortcut
.mad            Shortcut
.maf             Shortcut
.mag            Shortcut
.mam           Shortcut
.maq            Shortcut
.mar             Shortcut
.mas             Microsoft Access stored procedure
.mat             Shortcut
.mau            Shortcut
.mav            Shortcut
.maw            Shortcut
.mda            Microsoft Access add-in program
.mdb            Microsoft Access program
.mde            Microsoft Access MDE database
.mdt             Microsoft Access data file
 .mdw                    Microsoft Access workgroup
.mdz            Microsoft Access wizard program
 .msc            Microsoft Common Console document
.msh             Microsoft Agent script helper
.msh1           Microsoft Agent script helper
.msh1xml      Microsoft Agent script helper
.msh2           Microsoft Agent script helper
.msh2xml      Microsoft Agent script helper
.mshxml        Microsoft Agent script helper
.msi             Microsoft Windows Installer package
.msp             Windows Installer patch package file
.mst             Visual Test source files
.ops              Microsoft Office profile settings file
.pcd             Photo CD image or Microsoft Visual Test compiled script
.pif              Shortcut to MS-DOS program
.prf              System file
.prg              Program source file .printer Printer file
.pst              Microsoft Outlook personal folder file
.reg              Registration entries
.rem ACT!     database maintenance file
.scf              Windows Explorer command file
.scr              Screen saver
.sct              Script file
.shb              Windows shortcut
.shs              Shell Scrap object
.shtm           HTML file that contains server side directives
.shtml                    HTML file that contains server side directives
.soap            Simple Object Access Protocol file
.stm             HTML file that contains server side directives
.url              Uniform Resource Locator (Internet shortcut)
.vb               Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition file
.vbe             VBScript Encoded Script file
.vbs              VBScript file
.ws               Windows Script file
.wsc             Windows Script Component
.wsf              Windows Script file
.wsh             Windows Script Host settings file


SharePoint Server 2010 Examinations Made Available

The newest members of the SharePoint exam family are now available!

70-573 -- TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development

70-576 -- PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications

70-667 -- TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring

70-668 -- PRO: SharePoint Server 2010, Administrator

The links will take you the official exam pages with audience profiles, skills measured, and other information to help you prepare.

All four exams are available now in English at Prometric test centers worldwide.  


Punching Real Time Points in SharePoint

Hi Readers,

   I will be adding continuously all the  Real Time Technical Stuff    that you should know in SharePoint.

1) Sometimes working in the browser is just a pain. To work with your SharePoint lists (and libraries) offline, you can choose from using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or SharePoint Workspace 2010.

2) Although lists have columns and rows like a database table, they aren't database tables. In fact, the lists from your team site are stored in a single table (UserData table) in SharePoint's content database.

3) Site Columns: Single Line of Text, Multiple Lines of Test, Choice, Number, Currency, Data and Time, Look up,  Yes/No, Person or Group, Hyperlink or Picture, Calculated, External Data, Managed Meta data.

4) Now you can Validate Site Columns in SharePoint 2010.

5) Watch how to Add Folders inside MetaData and Hide Title Columns.

6) Always Use Views/Meta Data instead of Folders, as users need to drill down and navigate back up to look for the content

7) RSS feeds are a popular way for people to keep track of updates to a Web site without visiting that site.