Connect to Outlook greyed out in SharePoint 2013?

You might notice some inconsistency with the “connect to Outlook” button in SharePoint 2013.  Sometimes it seems to work, other times you may see this “control is greyed out” message below. 


It's because of the effect of one of 2013’s coolest new features – the Minimal Download Strategy. You can find more  about here in one of my blog here

 just hit F5 & try it again. You should be able to see that the  control is functional. It should temporarily allow you to work instead of waiting.

Minimal Download Strategy in SharePoint 2013

Minimal Download Strategy in SharePoint 2013 is one of the coolest features that got introduced in SharePoint 2013 and is enabled by default and can be disabled using EnableMinimalDownload property and settings its value to False. It improves client rendering performance and fluidity when navigating from page to page by download only the changes between two compatible pages. Fewer bytes will be downloaded and the page will appear more quickly.

In previous versions of SharePoint, unlike with Minimal Download Strategy, when a user navigated between pages the entire page (chrome and content area) were reloaded. Minimal Download Strategy significantly reduces the amount of data that needs to be downloaded and reduces the amount of markup, css, scripts, etc. that the browser needs to parse and render improving overall performance and provides smoother transitions.

As previously mentioned, Minimal Download Strategy is made possible through a new download manager that interfaces between the client and server. The download manager understands controls whose display context is the current Url, controls that can potentially change a Url (I.e. Quick Launch), controls that both have a display context of the current Url and change change a Url (breadcrumbs), and controls that do neither such as images.

Minimal Download Strategy uses a single .aspx file (start.aspx) for your pages, with the actual URL encoded in the text following the hashmark (‘#’). When navigating from page to page, only the changes between two compatible pages will be downloaded.

The download manager follows a subscriber/publisher model therefore each control must register its events with the download manager for example when navigation download starts, ends, is cancelled, or fails. The download manager is also responsible for managing the delta or the difference between the source and destination page.


Geolocation Field Type - SharePoint 2013

Geolocation Field Type -

SharePoint 2013 Introduces a new field type named Geolocation that can show Bing maps instead of location entered in list item. In a Column of type Geolocation, you can enter location Info as a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees or retrieve the coordinates of the user’s current location from the browser. 

People in Video - SharePoint 2013

People in Video - People in videos are a new column that is included in Video Content type.  User can specify people who are a part of the Video to be included as Video Metadata. 

eindex List/Reindex document library

There is a new Option Reindex List and Reindex document library that allows users to force the Content of list and library to be re-indexed. So it means the whole list or library to be picked up by a Continuous crawl, regardless of whether the items have actually changed.

Go to document library settings – Advanced Settings 

Click on the below Reindex Document Library or Reindex List

It will prompt the following

Now the whole list or library will be picked up by a Continuous crawl


Enable Report to Moderator in SharePoint 2013 Community Sites

 In previous version of the discussion boards,  for some high profile enterprise discussion boards required a dedicated resource to monitor for any offensive comments. But in SP 2013 admin can enable reporting of offensive content. As soon as that is enabled users can see a option to Report to Moderator and sends an email to admin's thereafter they can delete such offensive comments. So, users themselves do the moderation instead of a dedicated resource.

Word to PDF Conversion in SharePoint 2013

Great news!!. SharePoint 2013 now supports PDF's out-of-box.  You can convert Word to PDF and also Search and Open the PDF's.


Download a copy in SharePoint 2013

Download a copy By using Download a copy” option, end users can download a copy of the document to their local machine.

Find a File in SharePoint 2013

Find a File –Find a file” search box is the new feature in SharePoint 2013 that has been added to each Document Library which can help users find files form within a Library. This is in addition to the main site search.