What’s new for SharePoint 2016

1. SharePoint App – Now you can get SharePoint in your Pocket with a new SharePoint App! Microsoft just announced an App for SharePoint.
This gives you access to ‪#‎SharePoint‬ Online and On-prem SharePoint data. ‪
Few noted features of this App :
* Quick access to all the libraries and sites in a hybrid environment.
* Access sites from on-prem as well.
* Responsive & fast by design.
* Using office graph to show data most relevant to the user
* Uses new #SharePoint Framework for full JavaScript Client side rendering for for pages and underneath document libraries.

2. General availability of SharePoint 2016 –
 Starting today, MSDN Subscribers can now download SharePoint 2016 for testing and development purposes.
3. There is a new SharePoint Framework!
Noted Features – All JavaScript Client side rendering, to build Responsive and fast out of the box apps, New publishing model – with canvas (no webpart zones), lightweight and mobile responsive. The SharePoint Framework will be available to existing SharePoint sites, and you will be able to host client-side web parts developed with the new SharePoint Framework on existing SharePoint pages. ‪
4. Feature Packs for SharePoint – By 2017, SharePoint 2016 will start getting Feature Packs! similar to how we get Office 365 updates today. So changes like new SYNC client etc will be released as feature packs for SharePoint. It is accelerating the pace of #sp2016. No more cloud first!